Among other things, London is known for having some of the best hotels on the planet. With the right budget, some people can expect to stay in absolute luxury, with everything available to them whenever they need it. Modern luxury hotels do their best to cater for their guests in every way, often spending vast amounts of money on facilities and people to staff them. One common request among guests is for pharmaceutical goods, and hotels usually have a nearby pharmacy handy to deliver what they need. One hotel has gone as far as having a pharmacist built on the premises.

Catering to Guests Needs

The pharmacist, which is run by Medicinesbymailbox, is located on site and is fully stocked. All the guests need to do is to call down and there will be somebody along to deliver what is needed by room service. This helps to ensure that guests are not made to wait for too long with unpleasant symptoms, and also to help sure they get a good night’s sleep.

Open All Day, Every Day

Guests are coming and going in and out of hotels all during the day. Many will arrive in the early hours when there are no stores open. We can also never be sure when symptoms might develop. The hotel also ensures that its pharmacy service is open 24/7 to ensure that guests have remedies whenever they need it. There will always be a qualified pharmacist available to dispense whichever remedies might be necessary.



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